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Let's Get Fizzy!


Who would’ve thought we would still be FIZZING a year on?! Well we are and we’re only just getting started. To all the Mums, Dads, Bogans, Grandmas, Cool Kids, Eshays and Bevans that have necked a FIZZ or two “THANK YOU” na na thanks heaps. Seriously we couldn’t have made it this far without you dropping your hard earned cash on a few Fizzy numbers.

Lots more to come with FIZZ and you know we will be having a shit tonne of fun on the way.

So here’s the 1 year standard compilation video LOL

Here are some Fizzy Photos from the year that we kinda like

And check the new limited run of High FIZZ hats we’ve just done up to say thanks.

$25 Bucks in the FIZZ Shop just for u xoxoxoxo