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Fishin’ For Fish is Happening All Over the Country

You ever wake up after a big night and notice that you’ve somehow collected some souvenirs from the previous evening? Like, you walk into the living room and it’s chocked with witches hats, Headmaster schooner glasses, or garden gnomes etc? Well now it seems like there’s a new must-pinch item: the Fisher FIZZ cutouts. These babies have been popping up at parties, on balconies, in paddocks and just about anywhere else you can imagine as the ‘Fishin’ For Fish’ craze is taking over.

“Someone told me it’s called, ‘Fishin’ for Fish’ and I think that’s hilarious,” Fisher said about the nation-wide phenomenon. “I’ve got no idea why anyone would want my mug at their joint but if it puts a smile on their face, I say, happy days. The guys who own the bottle shops probably aren’t stoked but we always send them a new one… I saw one vid where some poor bloke was trying to go to the dunny and there’s me, just blocking the way,” Fisher laughs.

The lifelike cutouts, which are supposed to be promoting Fisher’s party juice seltzer Hard FIZZ, are hooking more than just young revellers, with Fisher’s mum getting snagged by one. “She was apparently at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast and thought I was just posing for a photo with a fan,” he says. “The woman gave birth to me – even from a distance, you’d think she’d know the real Fish from a bit of cardboard.”

If, for any reason, you’d like to know where you can find FIZZ (and potentially a cutout), you can head here for a full list of stockists…

Fisher Cut Out Fisher Cut Out

Source: Life Without Andy