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Let's Get Fizzy!

FIZZIN in the Snow

The 'FIZZ-TIVAL' bandwagon hit the SNOWIES this week… yes that's right FIZZ is F*CK YOU to all claims being made that seltzers are for summer only, and we have been showing up, and 'blowing up' in the snow

With a local lord crew of snowboard ambassadors, the crew from HARD FIZZ took over Jindy and Thredbo for the week in the first of many winter shenanigans!!!

Wednesday @ the Banjo saw all the local winter crew hit the pub for a night of beanie-wearing head-rocking to the delightful beats of Mr Rich Penny and kicked off with beats by Keaton.

Word on the street is a BIG BIG snow giveaway is about to be dropped so stay tuned.