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Hard Seltzer Explained: What Is It? How Is It Made?

So what is a Hard Seltzer and how is it made?

Ok so you've learnt how to pronounce it but you still have no bloody idea what 'hard seltzer' is, and more specifically how it is made. We like to affectionately call these drinks 'fizzy's'.

Aside from being much easier to say, the only word we are comfortable using with both an 's' and a 'z', is 'chicken schnitzel'!!

There are some definite nuances to the 'hard seltzer' category as it emerges in Australia vs the typical expressions that have gone 'gang busters' in the US over recent years.

A flurry of hard seltzers are hitting the shelves and let’s be honest with some pretty average results when it comes to taste.

The team at Hard Fizz thought it was high time to give you some straight up chat about what the F#CK seltzer actually is, and more importantly what you can be looking for when having a crack at the category for the first time.

Seltzer in OZ can be brewed or spiked - NO RULES

There are no hard and fast rules on how you make a 'fizzy' and in fact no guide around what can and can't be called a hard seltzer. We've tried to dumb it down a little.

Production method aside, hard seltzer can best be described as "Alcoholic Sparkling Water" that most commonly has a hint of flavour.

Fizzy’s can be made one of two ways as we see it:

They are either naturally fermented (brewed) – Generally from a blend of cereal and sugar

They are 'spiked' which is simply adding distilled alcohol to water – typically vodka or ethanol

To sweeten or not to sweeten!

Both methods carbonate for the required 'fizz' then add a combination of flavours, typically natural extracts and at times and with very little success some use natural sweeteners... (uuggghh...not good)

Either way, the finished product should be a low-carb, super low calorie, alcoholic fizzy drink that's a shit tonne better for you than sugary RTD's or heavy bloating beer. Many hard seltzers are gluten free and vegan friendly which is an added bonus.




Why is brewed seltzer the best?

The Hard Fizz crew feels 'brewed' is best, as it is the natural way of deriving alcohol from raw product and have worked our butts off to brew and then painstakingly filter to ensure our alcohol is super clean and crisp.

Brewing our Gluten FREE Seltzer

  • We start with a blend of rice, glucose and water
  • Add our hard-core pressure tested yeast strains that get to work eating away all the sugar and turning it into booze
  • We high gravity brew this goodness until we are happy with the booze levels and quality
  • Filtration is the key post the brew so we can rid this of any nasty odours and after taste
  • We then combine with premium natural fruit extracts for the flavour
  • And finish by carbonating with right amount of fizz.

The finished product gives you a pop of flavour when you first crack the can and a super clean finish on the palate which keeps you going back for more.

We think the ideal hard seltzer should allow you to switch flavours easily, have no nasty after taste from lack of filtration or sweetening agents.

It is the clean finish we’ve nailed that we are so proud of with Hard Fizz.