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Let's Get Fizzy!

New FIZZ Merch

Alright, FIZZ Fam, we know you’re a stylish bunch but it’s time to ditch the Lowes flanno and tracksuits and get yourselves decked out in the freshest merch known to Donatella Versace herself - or should that be Donatella FIZZace?!

That’s right, folks, your friends at Hard FIZZ are dropping the sickest gear this winter, and it’s now available on the Hard FIZZ website and in store at FIZZ HQ.

We talking hoodies, T’s, crop tops, long sleeved shirts, caps, beanies and bags!

You wanna be part of the FIZZ Club? You may as well rep it properly.

Colours? Hard not to notice they’re all in your favourite FIZZ flavours - Orange and Mango (orange), Passionfruit and Guava (purple) - the list goes on and on! So pick your FIZZ and pick your merch.

The crew at FIZZ HQ has already got their mits on some of the threads and hit a secret spot for a good ol’ fashioned beach fire and blow us down, they look toasty.

No time to waste, FIZZ Fam, membership to the FIZZ Club is now open.