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Let's Get Fizzy!

Tigerlily Asylum Nightclub Show

We teamed up with the legends at Asylum Nightclub Gold coast and threw a banging party with our Fizz family.

@misterbennetts & @littlefritter warmed the dance floor up before the 'Queen of FIZZ', DJ TIGERLILY hit the decks and lit shit up!

The night went off, with over 400 crew dancing till the wee hours of the morning " It was so amazing to see everyone dancing and having the best time" said TIGERLILY who flew up from sydney for the exclusive Fizz event.

"I've been playing to seated venues in Sydney and was so great to see everyone dancing to my beats"

TIGERLILY has a big month with the FIZZ family in April where she will play 3 shows in 3 weeks to get the NSW crew proper FIZZING!