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Salty Pirate Fizz Punch

Salty Pirate Fizz Punch

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Shiver me timbers, this drink makes even the saltiest of pirates go weak in the peg legs! With an ultra refreshing taste of the Caribbean, Salty Pirate Fizz Punch is a cocktail in a can. All the flavour, none of the bad sh*t.
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We’ve partnered with the iconic home-grown NFT collection, Salty Pirate Crew to develop a limited edition FIZZ flavour - Salty Pirate FIZZ Punch!


Who and what are Salty Pirate Crew?

Salty Pirate Crew are a community-driven collectibles project featuring 3k pirates that are focused on building and developing a flourishing ecosystem.

Salty Pirate Crew isn’t just your average NFT collection though…. Alongside amazing art, real world partnerships and engaging gamification, Salty Pirate Crew have been busy working on their own metaverse, virtual parties, additional partnerships and have recently released their Gen 2 Female pirates!

Each pirate allows its owner to participate in the play to progress storyline by working your way through a series of chapters through a play to earn game. Collect resources, embark on quests and mint a companion on your Hero’s Journey.

Learn more about the Salty Pirate Crew by checking out the recent utility roadmap HERE.

We’ve partnered with the iconic home-grown NFT collection, Salty Pirate Crew to develop a limited edition FIZZ flavour - Salty Pirate FIZZ Punch!


What is a NFT?

NFTs or “Non-Fungible Tokens” are one of a kind unique digital assets that exist on a blockchain. NFTs come in many forms such as digital artwork, virtual apparel, music and access passes.

At their core, NFTs are a unit of data stored on a public ledger that is associated with ownership of a digital asset. Each NFT has a unique identifier, allowing provable ownership of the asset and making counterfeiting impossible.


How do I buy a Salty Pirate?

Salty Pirate Crew NFTs can be purchased from NFT marketplaces such as [OpenSea]( To purchase an NFT you will need a wallet such as [MetaMask]( A wallet can be set up quickly, easily and free of charge. Once your wallet is set up you will need to add enough Ethereum to the wallet for the purchase of the NFT and gas fee.


What is the Gas Fee?

Gas fees are payments made by users to compensate for the costs incurred for using the computing power of the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees are dynamic, with the price determined by the network’s congestion at the time.


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we can’t ship internationally yet but we’re exploring distribution options so that every Pirate can get involved!


What is a wallet?

A wallet is like a digital purse for storing cryptocurrencies and allows users to interact with blockchain applications. A wallet can also store digital collectibles like NFTs that you might want to buy, sell, trade, transfer to someone else or to another wallet of your own.


How do I set up a wallet?

Detailed information on how to set up a wallet can be found here.