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It's the best tasting, naturally brewed goodness you will wrap your lips around. Hard Fizz is a 4% alcoholic sparkling hard seltzer that is brewed from rice and comes in 3 flavour varieties: Orange & Mango, Lemon & Ginger and Watermelon & Berry.

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1. We start with a blend of rice, glucose and water

2. Add our hard-core pressure tested yeast strains that get to work eating away all the sugar and turning it into booze

3. We high gravity brew this goodness until we are happy with the booze levels and quality

4. Filtration is the key post the brew so we can rid this of any nasty odours and after taste

5. We then combine with filtered water and add premium natural fruit extracts for the flavour

6. And finish by carbonating with the right amount of fizz.

Click here to learn more about Hard FIZZ.

You're goddam right it's gluten free, with the cereal used for our base being rice!

Glad you asked... Yes it's definitely fizzy on the lips and light on the rig, hence us calling it out LOL!

Thankfully Fisher has no involvement with the brewing process, we have a qualified brewing expert who makes the perfect Fizz recipe.